2. I saw a property on your website and am interested in leasing it for next school year. Is it available?

3. Can you put my name on the list? How do I “reserve” a property?

4. Is there any chance for negotiation on the rent rates on a particular property? Do you give discounts if we sign a two year lease?

5. I am sitting in front of a property that you have for lease; can I knock on the door and get a tour from current tenants? How do I schedule a showing?

6. I am a student, and I do not have a parental guarantor. Can I apply without one? 

7. I am interested in a property that is currently undergoing construction. What if it is not complete in time for the move-in date on my lease?


1. What all is included in the rent? What do utilities currently run for a particular property?

2. My roommates and I would like to sign individual leases, is that possible?

3. My friend lives in your property and is graduating. Can I lease his/her house next year? Can I take over my friend’s current lease?

4. Is it necessary that all tenants get renter’s insurance?

5. Do you allow pets? Do you require pet deposits??


1. Do you take cash?

2. How do we pay rent? Can we pay online?

4. We just moved into one of your properties. Can we paint the interior walls and change the color scheme to our taste? We will paint it back before we move out…

5. Can I sublease my room? How does subleasing work?

6. How do I get out of my lease? My roommates and I cannot agree on life. 

7. If one of our roommates is graduating, but we would like to renew our lease for another year, how do we go about exchanging roommates at the end of the lease term?